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Sorry but we have had to restrict guestbook posts to those with user accounts. It seems some people have NOTHING better to do with their time so they deface a little baby's website.

Accounts can be created but need approval before they will be active. We also had some individuals who created accounts and then spammed the site with porn.

Another Visit to the Doctors - Good News

Well Braelyn got to go back to see the Doctors who had cared for him while he was in the NICU...They were completely impressed with Braelyn's progress..Braelyn was not impressed with the two hour ride back to Little Rock after having to go there and come back Wednesday...Braelyn let his Momma know loud and clear that the appointments need to be spread out and he needed a little recovery time in between.

Good News.....

Well Papa and I got to take Braelyn back to the eye doctors today..hoping that there wouldn't be a need for surgery...We were very hopeful because 2 days ago we started to notice a difference again in Braelyn. He began to focus on us again, even if only for a second....HOPE......and.......FAITH... IN GOD's plan for Braelyn came shining through again!!

Some have no clue

Well I thought I would get on and give a quick update or least I think it's going to be quick...Braelyn is wiggling so no telling how far I'll get...I swear this little boy knows exactly when you want to get something done and begins wiggling and and making grunts to let you know it's not going to happen!! Well you may not have noticed the break in this blog, but a diaper has been changed and a very spoiled little boy was very adament about being ROCKED back to sleep...So I'll try again.


Okay well our lil man went back to the eye doctors today, a week earlier than planned, but we got a little scared. For us it seemed like the first two weeks we had one baby and these last two weeks there was a significant change in the way he was seeing. And it seems we were right. Braelyn is still as happy as ever and Lord knows we are soo blessed, however it was obvious that he was focusing on our voices and not on our faces. He seemed to be a little less vocal too. Friday, Braelyn's mommy called his eye doctor..

Sorry for such spaced out updates

Well it has been a really long time since I got to sit and do an update. Braelyn coming home has truly been such a blessing, but it is sooo overwhelming and so draining. I personally forgot what it was like to have a "newborn" in the house..Lord what I would give for a good 3 hour nap!!!!! I wouldn't change a thing. I have sat down to type many times, but I think Braelyn knows and plans the exact moment he needs to wake up. Enough on that lets get back to Braelyn's progress

I Wish We could protect him from everything

Well Braelyn's Papa and I took Braelyn to his eye doctor appointment in Little Rock today....Lord I wish we could have skipped this day. Braelyn woke up this morning just as happy as ever..little did he know or we, as his grandparents what this doctor intended to do..I only wish I could trade places with this little one and not make him feel anymore pain.


Well Braelyn has been home exactly 6 days and it has been absolutely....hectic...overwhelming...tiring...but entirely well worth the wait!!! He is such a happy baby..We had a few problems the first couple of days because Braelyn DID NOT want to be put down..The minute he felt the bed under him he would cry as if someone had just pinched him!!

New video posted - Thank you Everyone!

A small thank you to everyone :) This video was played at my mom and Aunt Nadine's church (in NY) on Mother's Day....



Braelyn & his family are home together at last!!!!!!

Love you guys!!!

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