Such a Fighter!!!

Well Auntie Cayla and Granny went to see our beautiful baby today. He was doing much better. Actually we were able to get some very good news. It seems that lil Braelyn did have pneumonia. His sputum (lung secretions) grew out the bacteria called Streptococcus. It is a gram - bacteria. There has been alot of this going around this area. The antibiotics have done the trick and he is much better. The pictures show Braelyn with an IV access in his head. This is where they administered his antibiotics and sedation medicine.

So Much has Changed.Some Good, Some Not!

Well the the last real up-date that was done way back on 2/16/08 and I wish I could say "He's Home" BUT...things have not really gone the way we had hoped. All was going really really good, Braelyn was in the feed and grow pod and gaining weight (4lbs 5 ounces) and working hard on getting those feeds down. He was however having trouble with some d-sating and bradycardia. There was not relly an apparent reason for these episodes. Christy noticed last Thursday that he was sounding a little bit congested, but when suctioned nothing was coming out.

Prayers for Braelyn :)

Braelyn has encountered another "bump" in the road....After weeks of good news, this past week brought another round of heartache and worry. As Lorrie previously posted, Braelyn was having some problems with Dsat'ng and bradycardia. These problems have become progressively worse and have caused him to be moved back into the NICU. He also had to be intubated again. He had tests done which showed no apparent reason why this was happening, however when the test were run again this week, it appears he may have an infection and is being treated with antibiotics.


Well the ride never ends on this one. I really am sorry that I have not posted in a while..I tried a few times but it gets hard sometimes. Braelyn has been taking two steps forward and then one step back..Right now he is on the up swing. He currently is weighing in at 3lb 15 ounces. He had made it to 3/14 then dropped back down to 3/11.

Braelyn's on the move!!!!

Wonderful Wonderful news!!!! Braelyn is no longer with the sick babies.. Braelyn has been moved to pod 9, which is for the "feed and grow babies". It is also means he is closer to coming home. The doctors have said that he should be able to come home in a few weeks!!! He went from pod 3 to pod 9 just like that!!!! Oh what a wonderful God we serve............ Christy called just a few minutes ago and was crying so hard saying.."He's not sick anymore he's with the babies getting ready to come home!!!

Whispers of Coming home

Lord thank you soo much for your hand in today. Christy got a call this morning from the Hospital telling her that she needs to get her car-seat in order. When she asked why, They told her "Well you know Braelyn will be coming home in a few weeks"!!!!!! Words that way back in November were hard to imagine. We were shocked, knowing that he is still having a little trouble feeding, but the doctors were still very much getting ready for us to bring him HOME!!!


3 pounds 1/2 ounce



Well things are going pretty good with Braelyn..He is now 2 pounds 15 1/2 ounces and is 15 1/2 inches long!!!

Closer and Closer to Coming Home

Hey Ya'll, just thought I would stop by and update everyone on Braelyn's progress!!

hey ya'll my beautiful little grandson is now.......

2 pounds 10 ounces............He is doing really good and growing stronger everyday. Christy said the doctors have said his hernia is "reducing" which means it might be correcting itself. YEEEEAAAA!!!!!.. I was there Tuesday and He is really working hard on mastering his "sucking" technique. He sucks good, but doesn't have the power behind it to get the milk out of the nipple, but in time I have no doubt he'll master that too!!!!

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