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Cobwebs.....Just in time for Halloween!

Yes sadly Braelyn's site is gathering cobwebs....

Braelyn will be turning a year old soon, and so much has been going on its hard to get time to post!

Granny & mommy have been a bit busy :)

Just wanted to let our faithful visitors know that Granny & Mommy have been pretty busy lately! As Braelyn gets older and bigger, HE gets busier :)

We also had Braelyn's grampa in the hospital this past week, for a few days. Time to get on the computer is limited, so Granny posts when she can. Braelyn also has a cousin who is a few months younger than him who visits and that makes for a busy time. I will work on getting some pics from her to put on.

Keep in touch !

~ stevryn ~
AKA ------> G-Auntie T

Guestbook restrictions AGAIN!

Sorry but we have had to restrict guestbook posts to those with user accounts. It seems some people have NOTHING better to do with their time so they deface a little baby's website.

Accounts can be created but need approval before they will be active. We also had some individuals who created accounts and then spammed the site with porn.

New video posted - Thank you Everyone!

A small thank you to everyone :) This video was played at my mom and Aunt Nadine's church (in NY) on Mother's Day....



Braelyn & his family are home together at last!!!!!!

Love you guys!!!

Team Braelyn - March for Babies

Thank you everyone who supported Team Braelyn in the March for Babies walk that was held this past Saturday. The weather was beautiful! We raised $1485 and were one of the top teams! I'm posting a couple of pics, even though I look like a moo in em!! It was a nice event and we hope to have a bigger team next year!

Missy and I are definitely participating again next year and have been asked to be on the organizing committee :) to which we both have agreed to do!

Thanks to everyone and thanks for supporting the March of Dimes!

Prayers for Braelyn :)

Braelyn has encountered another "bump" in the road....After weeks of good news, this past week brought another round of heartache and worry. As Lorrie previously posted, Braelyn was having some problems with Dsat'ng and bradycardia. These problems have become progressively worse and have caused him to be moved back into the NICU. He also had to be intubated again. He had tests done which showed no apparent reason why this was happening, however when the test were run again this week, it appears he may have an infection and is being treated with antibiotics.

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