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Such A big Boy Now

Well the last time I updated this Braelyn had just started crawling. WOW has times changed. Brealyn is officially walking. He started around mid July and stays up-right now more than he does on the floor. He loves to walk and absolutely LOVES to be chased. He scares us because he is not completely steady on his feet and we have had many near misses!! Braelyn is tough as the day he was born though and is still a very happy, curious baby who loves the outdoors!! He no longer is needing supplemental oxygen, although we still have it in the house "just in case"!!

Time to dust off the cobwebs

Oh my goodness, I really did not realize how long it has been since I posted on Brae's site. I'm sorry ya'll, Braelyn in real life keeps us really really busy. I'm glad his G-auntie Tam at least let you all know he is doing good.

Yes Braelyn started crawling FORWARD on January 1st. I guess it was his very own resolution. He had been pushing himself backward for about a month before he decided that going for something was better than backing up to it.

First Birthday A Success

Christy had Braelyn a Birthday Party Saturday and personally invited Elmo. Braelyn loves Elmo. We had quite the turnout even though it was very cold, windy and rainy.. Braelyn seemed to really enjoy himself and actually did not mind being passed around. We were afraid he would cry since we are having problems with separation right now. He did exactly what we thought he would do as far as his personal lil elmo cake. He touched it, rubbed it on the highchair but finally got around to tasting it. As soon as he did he threw up, but kept tasting it anyway...yuck!!


Well it only seemed natural to get on here and post a few things on this very very special day. BRAELYN MAKHI TUCKER turns ONE !!!! This same time last year was filled with fear, tears, fading hope, heartache, anger, soo many emotions!! People telling you that there was absolutely no hope for this little boy and crushing our hopes at the future we had planned to provide for him BUT here we are one year later. I cannot express how grateful I am.. My heart almost feels like it wants to explode!!

10 Months OLD!!!

Well Braelyn turned 10 months old on Friday!! Such a Big Boy now. He is doing really great and learning all sorts of new things. It's funny sometimes cause he knows in his head he can do things, it's just a matter of getting his body to cooperate! He is doing really good at eating...(NO BOTTLES, but Oh well) His all time favorite is PEARS!!! He loves them..His feet get to going, his arms start waving, it's sorta hard to feed him cause he moves so much. Anything green is NOT on the favorite list, and although we try, he dry heaves, and we give up!!

So Much Time..So Much Happening!!

Well it seems like forever since I was able to sit down and let everyone know how Braelyn is doing...Well things are going absolutely GREAT!!!

I forgot to go back and see what he weighed in the last post, but he has gained quite a bit I'm sure. Braelyn weighed in Tuesday at
11 POUNDS 3 1/2 OUNCES!!!!! Can you say BIG BOY!!!.

Never A Dull Moment

Well soo many things have happened since our last post. Last week we had an unexpected trip to Children's Hospital ER. Braelyn had been having trouble spitting up and he of course still has this rash. Christy and I thought that maybe we needed to go up on his reflux medicines since the dose was set when he weighed less. Christy called and let them know that he had been spitting up quite a bit, actually after almost every meal he was having some projectile vomiting. They wanted us to bring him to the Hospital.

Another Visit to the Doctors - Good News

Well Braelyn got to go back to see the Doctors who had cared for him while he was in the NICU...They were completely impressed with Braelyn's progress..Braelyn was not impressed with the two hour ride back to Little Rock after having to go there and come back Wednesday...Braelyn let his Momma know loud and clear that the appointments need to be spread out and he needed a little recovery time in between.

Good News.....

Well Papa and I got to take Braelyn back to the eye doctors today..hoping that there wouldn't be a need for surgery...We were very hopeful because 2 days ago we started to notice a difference again in Braelyn. He began to focus on us again, even if only for a second....HOPE......and.......FAITH... IN GOD's plan for Braelyn came shining through again!!

Some have no clue

Well I thought I would get on and give a quick update or least I think it's going to be quick...Braelyn is wiggling so no telling how far I'll get...I swear this little boy knows exactly when you want to get something done and begins wiggling and and making grunts to let you know it's not going to happen!! Well you may not have noticed the break in this blog, but a diaper has been changed and a very spoiled little boy was very adament about being ROCKED back to sleep...So I'll try again.

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