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Okay well our lil man went back to the eye doctors today, a week earlier than planned, but we got a little scared. For us it seemed like the first two weeks we had one baby and these last two weeks there was a significant change in the way he was seeing. And it seems we were right. Braelyn is still as happy as ever and Lord knows we are soo blessed, however it was obvious that he was focusing on our voices and not on our faces. He seemed to be a little less vocal too. Friday, Braelyn's mommy called his eye doctor..

Sorry for such spaced out updates

Well it has been a really long time since I got to sit and do an update. Braelyn coming home has truly been such a blessing, but it is sooo overwhelming and so draining. I personally forgot what it was like to have a "newborn" in the house..Lord what I would give for a good 3 hour nap!!!!! I wouldn't change a thing. I have sat down to type many times, but I think Braelyn knows and plans the exact moment he needs to wake up. Enough on that lets get back to Braelyn's progress

I Wish We could protect him from everything

Well Braelyn's Papa and I took Braelyn to his eye doctor appointment in Little Rock today....Lord I wish we could have skipped this day. Braelyn woke up this morning just as happy as ever..little did he know or we, as his grandparents what this doctor intended to do..I only wish I could trade places with this little one and not make him feel anymore pain.


Well Braelyn has been home exactly 6 days and it has been absolutely....hectic...overwhelming...tiring...but entirely well worth the wait!!! He is such a happy baby..We had a few problems the first couple of days because Braelyn DID NOT want to be put down..The minute he felt the bed under him he would cry as if someone had just pinched him!!


Well Christy and Braelyn are spending the night together...She called and it was obvious she was having many emotions...all of which were coming from a really good place. She said it was as if Braelyn can sense something is about to happen because he was "cheesin" all day!! She said he was soooo happy today and they even sat and watched their very first episode of Sesame Street together...Awwwww my heart is melting...I am just so absolutely amazed at what a happy baby he is...LORD WILL FRIDAY EVER GET HERE!!


We are feeling soo excited...but deep down really scared..Christy is soo nervous. It's really happening, Braelyn will be coming home on oxygen. He does not need it so much for his lungs but does have some residual RVH (right ventricular hypertrophy) going on with his heart. This should take care of itself as he gets bigger and his lungs get even stronger!


Yep that's right...The doctors have planned a discharge date for Braelyn...THANK YOU GOD!!!! And I must say that God always has a master plan..It seems the perfect day for Braelyn to come home is: FRIDAY, MAY 9th, 2008...MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!

Braelyn's Surgery

It's 12:10 pm and Braelyn is in surgery.....It is going to take about an hour to an hour and a half...Christy is with him and being very brave..She's such a good Mommy...They have called to say that he did well being intubated and is now asleep...Lord watch over our miracle and keep him safe. In your glory I know all things are possible..I know my beautiful grandbaby is going to be just fine...I will continue to add to this post as things progress...This is going to be the longest hours of my life!!!!!

Saturday with Braelyn

Well Cayla, Papa, and I went to see Braelyn today and spend some quality time before surgery on Monday! When we got there Braelyn was in the tub taking a bath...He was sooo cute, he actually likes the water to be put over his face...

Braelyn weighed in today at 7 pounds 1 ounce and he is about 16 to 17 inches long. We didn't get an exact length on him..

He is sooooo cute...He really loves to be talked to and he absolutely loves his mobile...he stares at it and talks to it...His Papa finally got to hold him today for the first time....Believe me he was all grins.

Prayers for Braelyn!!

Well it has been a minute since I posted anything on Braelyn, but a few things have changed.. As you can tell by the ear to ear grin picture that we took of Braelyn, he is really a happy baby and LOVES to be talked to....He gets soooo excited and even considers himself talking back. He really likes attention!!!

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