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Surgeries On!!

Well today was a little bit frustrating. Christy was told to bring Braelyn's carseat to the hospital, which in our observed opinion, means Braelyn IS getting ready to come home. She put the carseat in the car and before she could leave our city, she got a call saying the carseat would not be necessary...TEARS-FRUSTATION-GUTWRENCHING EMOTIONS...Christy called me to meet her, she was clearly upset and wanted me to come get the carseat..She did not want to take it with her if he wasn't going to be able to get in it. She didn't want it in her car. It's so hard ya'll.

They will, They Won't, They Will, They won't

Yep, now the doctors are saying that they ARE thinking about repairing Braelyn's bilateral hernias.........not sure what their thoughts are for this!!!! I may sound frustrated and in someways I maybe..I do know that they are taking really good care of Braelyn and Lord knows we appreciate everything Children's hospital is doing for Braelyn, but we sooo much are ready for him to come won't be long and he'll be SIX MONTHS!!!

Braelyn has found his voice!!!!!

Christy just called me today with an update on Braelyn.......First, our Miracle baby has reached the 6 pound mark. He weighed in last night at 6 pounds 2 1/2 ounces......YEAAAA GO BRAELYN!!!

The Doctors Say This Month for Coming Home

Yep, No specific date but the Doctors have said that Braelyn will be coming home this month!!...We are sooooo Happy, although a little bit scared too!!

Braelyn has his own one on one doctor and nurse practitioner now and they sat down with Christy Thursday and gave her a briefing of their intentions and findings.

Great-Gramma Comes to Visit!!

Well Great Gramma (G-Nana) finally got to hold Braelyn in her arms and shower him with love, hugs, kisses, and yes tears!! It was such a heartfelt moment. There really are no words to express how amazing it was to see my Mom rocking and singing her "this ole man" song to her great grandbaby, as she has done with all her grandbabies!! G-nana was a little bit ovewhelmed by Braelyn's size. Although he has gained almost 5 pounds, most of his pictures make him seem soooo big (and he is compared to where he started) but she was not prepared to see just how little he still is!!

Happy Easter

Well Braelyn and I spent Easte Sunday together and completely enjoyed ourselves. He makes the funniest little faces and I could just sit there and watch and hold him for an!! I was able to be there for his 12:00 feeding and he took the whole bottle..GO BRAELYN....and then he took all but 4 ccs at the 3:00 feeding. The nurse said she was going to leave a note for the doctors to maybe move up a bottle since he did so good and didn't have any residual (undigested formula in his belly) after each feeding!!

Packin on the Pounds

Braelyn weighed in last night at a WHOPPING 5 pounds.........I am overjoyed by the weight he is putting on, but there is a small part of my heart that tightens. Months ago when Braelyn was weighing 1 and 2 pounds we dreamed of the day that he would reached the 4 pound mark and most def the 5 pound mark. We just knew at that point he would be home. I don't want' anyone to think in any way I am not truly grateful for where we are at at this very moment, it's just that we ache to have him home.

Splish Splash Braelyn's Taking A Bath

Christy called today before leaving Little Rock to let me know everything that was going on with our lil angel. She was soo excited. She got to give Braelyn a bath, not just a wipe down but a full fleged bath in a little tub!!

Braelyn is Good, but pain has found it's way into our journey.

First I really do want to thank everyone who has left messages of hope and encouragement. As I have said before, our goal in creating this site was to give hope to those who find themselves on this same journey. To let them know to never give up, to trust God and know that nothing is impossible when turned over to his grace. Ironically what we found was that we were the ones filled with hope, we were the ones touched by those who had walked in our shoes before us.

Not many changes!!

Well I didn't get to go see Braelyn Saturday. It snowed in Arkansas, actually we got a good 3 or 4 inches. I know all you northerners are saying to yourself "WHAT-3 to 4 inches!!!" , but as I said this is Arkansas. Needless to say it also dumped ice on the roads making traveling the 2 hours to Little Rock to dangerous to attempt. There are many overpasses that you have to cross, so ice melting took a little longer and we don't have the heavy equipment found up north. I told my sister I thought that "mother nature" could have shown a little more compassion, being a mother and all.

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