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Hello, I was looking at the web site for Tinniest babies and came across this site. We too have a micro-preemie. Our Granddaughter, Bradie Lyn, was born Sept. 20, 2008 at 26 weeks weighing only 11 ounces and was 9 1/4 inches long. She has been through heart and bowel surgery and is due another surgery on Jan. 28th on her bowels. Her due date was Dec. 27th and she is up to 3lbs. 14 ounces now. It has been a long battle but it looks like she will be going home within a month. I was reading Mommy's Journal and I can understand all of your emotions, worries, and triumphs that you all have been through. God has been so good to us!! I have never had the feeling that Bradie wouldn't make it, even though she was and still is so very tiny. God has let us witness a miracle and we are so grateful to Him and give Him all the praise and glory. It has been really hard to watch my daughter's heart ache knowing that I can do nothing physically to help her. She and her husband have a wonderful marriage and great support from their church family and relatives. The support has made things easier for them. We are all tired and ready for Bradie to come home. Bradie is in Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. They have a wonderful staff there and have done a wonderful job with Bradie. I wish your little boy a wonderful life and pray that God will keep him safe in his arms always. Keeping the Faith!!! Bradie's Grams, Texarkana Texas
Hey Lil Man!!! I have been so bad about keeping the readers informed!! Im working on your adorable little videos to post :) I think perhaps that for your 1st birthday , I should do some changes to your site, and make it more big-boyish :) I love you Braelyn Makhi and I promise I will get there someday to see you!!! Hugs & Kisses G-Auntie T
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAELYN!! 8 MONTHS OLD TODAY!! You are such a blessing to us. We cherish each and every moment we have with you!! WE LOVE YOU PEANUT!!!!! HUGS AND KISSES!!! Love Granny and Papa
G-Auntie T
Hey Lil Man, havent had much time to devote to your site lately, but thought I would drop you some love on your guestbook!! XXXOOO :) Love Ya, G-Auntie T
Hi Lori and Crystie I was cleaning my desk and found Braelyn''s website that I had gotten from Cystal.I was so happy to see the little man in his suit getting ready for church on Mother''s Day, I can''t wait to see him in person. I have joined another church called Brown Baptist and I will visit New Kingdom when I can. Take care of that beautiful boy and know that I have been and will continue to pray for him.Love you guys,tell the family hi and call me sometimes..