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HI Blaelyn G-Nana sure does miss you already. It was so wounderful to hold you in my arms. God has been so good to us and giving us many Blessings Now he has given us a MIRACLE...YOU Love you XXXXXOOOOOO
Hey little man, I am SO jealous!! your G-Nana is there with you right now!!! I will get there too, I promise!! Love you! G-Auntie T
Marsha Cooney
Christy and Lorrie, Congratulations on your little miracle. I'm having a hard time typing because I have tears in my eyes. I know times have been trying, but I am so glad that you have gotten the wonderful opportunity to experience this miraculous event - birth and motherhood. I became a new mom on December 17, 2007 and I know how much it changes everything. You will never love anyone as much as you love your child. You never knew you were capable of loving someone so much until you saw him for the first time. We suffered three early miscarriages before we had Grayson and there were many days filled with heartache and despair, but all of that was miraculously erased as soon as I saw my baby boy for the first time. Thankfully my son was born at 38 weeks and is healthy, but I still look at him and just think about what a miracle he is. I feel honored to have been given such a precious gift. I know you must feel the same way I do. I am so happy for you and proud of you - proud of the strong young woman and woonderful mom you have become. I know the pictures don't do justice, but I can see the pride and joy in your face. I wish you, Braelyn, and your entire family the very best. How could anyone not believe in miracles after seeing Braelyn? Congratulations again.
Wow! Hello Braelyn: Thank you for reminding us all that MIRACLES still happen. You are truly a miracle baby. I strongly feel you still have more to show us all. All we have to do is just BELIEVE. We thank God for you. Love, Eudora, Grandma's friend
G-G-Gramma Mc
Dear Braelyn, This is great great gramma Mc! I hope I am able to see you someday before you are all grown up ! You are proof that miracles do happen.! Our little miracle baby! Love & Kisses XXXOOOOO G-G-Gramma Mc!!