This was written by Braelyn's Great-Great Auntie Nadine!!

Braelyn's Song

The last week in October was a day full of worried anticipation. We had news of the impending delivery of my great- niece Christy's baby three months too early. There were big problems with the umbilical cord deteriorating. It was only allowing 20% of the necessary blood flow to go to the baby, making the decision to deliver a critical one. Christy was told there was 0% survival rate inside or outside of the womb for her baby. She was told to go home and come back to the hospital the following Monday, How horrible to be sent home knowing there was given no future for the child you are carrying. Frantic prayer requests and tearful conversations went out to all the family and friends. In today's standards, Christy needed a miracle.

With a heavy heart I arrived to work as a respite caregiver for a couple from our church that has two beautiful three year old twins who were also born very early. They weighed in at 1 lb 7oz and 1 lb 10oz, respectively at birth. I do not believe it was a coincidence I was placed in this home for such a time as this. The encouragement I received just by seeing on a weekly basis what is possible concerning early births was vital to my ability to encourage the family as they withstood the very same crisis. I believe God worked behind the scenes to see us through this difficult time. As I tucked the boys into bed for their naptime before my departure, I remember asking the Lord to give my niece Lorrie the same opportunity to tuck her little grandbaby in as I was given tucking these precious boys in. I asked the Lord to open up that umbilical cord and allow it to do what it was suppose to do. My heart was aching in my chest as I pulled the covers up and made sure they were comfortable, As I was praying, little Samuel speaks up and says, "play number 2 Miss Nadine". He was referring to the CD in his stereo he listened to. As soon as I put it on I hear the instrumental version of the Christian song, "Deep and Wide". Deep and wide, deep and wide there's a fountain flowing deep and wide, deep and wide, deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide. I knew then, in my spirit, that God was answering my prayer and the prayers of others. He was letting me know He heard me. It was a good thing my shift was over because my emotions were in quite a state at this point. I do believe I cried all the way home, thanking God for His loving care and compassion.

Over the next couple of days I was able to encourage my niece Lorrie with information I received from Heather, the mother of the twin boys. I was able to share a scrap book of Heather and her husband Ben's journey of the boys' birth with my sister, Christy's grandmother. She was able to meet the boys personally. Hope was infused into this dire situation.

I was elated when, come Monday, my niece Lorrie shares the news that the cord was now functioning at 40% and the baby was responding better. Lorrie exact words were," There may not be blood flowing through that cord, but something is!! . Deep and wide, deep and wide there's a fountain flowing deep and wide, deep and wide, deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide. Praise God for his all healing power and ability to make the impossible possible! The family needed this confidence because there were many days of trials ahead, beginning on November 5th 2007.

Braelyn Makhi Tucker arrived via caesarean section on a Monday evening. My sister and I happened to be at Bible study together when she got the call that her 12 and ½ oz, 10 inch long baby great-grandson was born. He was no bigger than a bag of Chocolate chips and maybe as long as one, but he was alive! The hospital was able to get a breathing tube in him and it was time to hope and pray for the best. I remember standing next to my sister as she received the news and hearing her literally choke on her words as she verbalized the unbelievable weight of this tiny baby. Twelve ounces……I thank God we were in a place surrounded with ladies who love my sister and were able to rejoice with her that he was alive and comfort her in her anguish. God is good like that. We prayed and each went to our own homes to let it all sink in. I knew where I had to go. I needed to quiet myself and enter into God's presence in prayer. My heart was aching for my sister, my niece, and Christy. The impact on our family was far-reaching. My mind was whirling with questions and scenarios. Christy's brother was expecting a son two weeks before Christy's original due date of February 14th.(He is now the proud father of a beautiful baby boy also) My daughter is expecting a child two weeks after that. If Braelyn did not live, my mind just could not settle with how awful the constant reminders in the lives of these two babies would be for Christy and her family. She is young in her faith, as is Lorrie. A blow like this could have devastating results spiritually. I NEEDED to go before God's throne with all of this for comfort and answers. I know enough about my heavenly Father to know that I can tell him anything. He may not let me in on all His dealings or answer me in the way I would like, but He lets me know that I will never be alone in any of it. I've learned to go to Him and receive comfort just by knowing that He hears and He knows. I am drawn to His room. It's enough.

Prayer is private, an intimate setting for two, maybe three. However, I am willing to share a glimpse into my prayer life in the hopes that you may get a glimpse of how loving and compassionate God is.

I enter in, but no words can form, they are stuck in my constricted throat, eyes brimming. I can only plead to my heavenly Father with my mind and heart. This is big……..Please…. let this baby live.

They are young in their faith, this could turn their hearts….I know

This would be a big blow to her I know

It would be difficult to adjust to a brother and a cousin's babies born around the time her baby was due I know

Granny Lorrie would always have a finger on the pulse of her daughter's emotions in the presence of her living grandchild…I know

The ripple effect through the family would make conversations guarded concerning the living babies, never being fully joyful. I know

I think it would be cruel. I know

I love you and trust them to your care.

Lord, It's enough you know……..Amen.

Prayer…'s enough, you know?
God had clearly performed a miracle for Christy. However, there were times Braelyn was having some extreme difficulty and the family was told to prepare for the worst. Prayers went out all over the globe, literally, for this little guy. I remember stepping into the throne room of God and crying out to Him that "it wasn't enough, the miracle of his birth wasn't enough." My heart was fearful in God's presence while saying those words, It seemed almost ungrateful but I knew I couldn't walk away for this prayer time without asking for more time. I wanted Lorrie to experience what it felt like to be a Granny of a three year old (and beyond). I also didn't want to be selfish and ask for more time at the expense of Braelyn's comfort and ability to endure. God gently reminded me of two things: 1: Braelyn is my child and I love him. I will not allow him to suffer but will bring him home in my time. 2: Deep and wide, deep and wide there's a fountain flowing deep and wide, deep and wide, deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide. Ephesians 3;18 says, "And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love(through Christ dwelling in your heart)may have power together with all the saints to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ."

Today is Valentine's Day, February 14th 2008. Braelyn is now a whopping 3 ½ lb boy who the hospital staff has nicknamed "the boss". He is practicing bottle feeding and sitting up in a car seat in anticipation of going home within a few weeks or less, oxygen in tow. He has surpassed all doctor's expectations and overcome almost insurmountable odds. Most of all, in all of this, God has proven that HE IS LOVE. As you celebrate Valentine's Day, thank your heavenly Father for His love and blessings to your family. Thank him for allowing His son Jesus Christ to die for you so that you can come into his presence and fellowship with Him. Then show up on the doorstep of His throne room and expect the unexpected! His fountain of love is Deep and wide, deep and wide there's a fountain flowing deep and wide, deep and wide, deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide.


Love you Aunt Nut xxxooo