Prayers for Braelyn :)

Braelyn has encountered another "bump" in the road....After weeks of good news, this past week brought another round of heartache and worry. As Lorrie previously posted, Braelyn was having some problems with Dsat'ng and bradycardia. These problems have become progressively worse and have caused him to be moved back into the NICU. He also had to be intubated again. He had tests done which showed no apparent reason why this was happening, however when the test were run again this week, it appears he may have an infection and is being treated with antibiotics. I'm sure Lorrie will post more details soon, but it has been pretty tough on the Christy and the family having been on such a trend of highs!

Keep our little man in your prayers and be sure to leave some messages of encouragement for him and his Mommy :)

Just wanted to keep those who are reading up to date....

Take Care & Love Ya's
G-Auntie T