Braelyn Makhi

With feet no bigger than his mom's fingertips, he was born into this world very early...very tiny...and very strong. His will to live was apparent and practically tangible as he kicked, waved his arms, and fought to breath. "I'm here! I'm here! Don't give up on me! See! I'm OK!!!" The attending physician couldn't help but fight with him. Under ordinary circumstances, in the State of Arkansas, a baby that small, with a laundry lists of potential problems would not really be considered "a baby"...more like "a fetus"...much more like "a miscarriage"... But this was no "ordinary" circumstance. God was all over this one & from inception would prove Himself again and again. A simple line posted on his grandmother's myspace page caught my attention: "His name is Braelyn & his Granny loves him." He was here. I waited. She posted bulletins of his progress, his struggles...the doctors expectations. The prayer chain began to grow as countless friends & family members read about how the hospital staff advised the family to baptize baby Braelyn because he "wouldn't make it" through the night. I waited. Others waited with me. We prayed. That's all we could do. More bulletins. He would need surgery...heart issues...valve not closing... wait...hope...pray..."Do you need anything? Can I get you anything? Do you need me to run errands for you?" ....Braelyn's grandmother would simply say "We need prayers" and I did pray...we did pray... more bulletins...They didn't do the surgery...suddenly found meds that could be used instead...Braelyn is now breathing the same amount of oxygen that we breath... Braelyn had his first feeding today through his tube... Braelyn made it through another night... Braelyn is 7 days old... Braelyn's prayer chain would eventually span across the United States, into Canada...and beyond... A little boy, no bigger than "a Bic Pen", would make it through the minutes...the hours...the weeks...he has celebrated his 2 week mark. Even the doctors are scratching their heads in awe and amazement...Doctors who are experts in the field, doctors who see preemies every day & have the latest meds & technology...they can't explain why Braelyn is still here. He is truly a modern day miracle. I find myself waiting for each Bulletin that his Granny posts. I read them out loud to my daughter. Most times I end up bawling. But I am not sad...I am not worried...more like I am "overwhelmed"...overwhelmed by the magnitude of this situation.. what this little baby represents. the irony of it all: God using His tiniest creation to show me, us, that He IS...HE DOES EXIST. I wonder if this little boy will ever realize how many lives he has touched? Will he ever understand that because of his rocky start, so many people have renewed their faith in God. He is a blessing to all who hear his story. So on this week of Thanksgiving, I ask all of my friends and family to thank God for a little baby who we have never met...a tiny little fighter who currently resides in the NICU in a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Take a moment out to pray for strength for him and his family. "His name is Braelyn... And his Granny loves him."