Good News.....

Well Papa and I got to take Braelyn back to the eye doctors today..hoping that there wouldn't be a need for surgery...We were very hopeful because 2 days ago we started to notice a difference again in Braelyn. He began to focus on us again, even if only for a second....HOPE......and.......FAITH... IN GOD's plan for Braelyn came shining through again!! The doctors visit today just confirmed what we thought was happening. Although we absolutely hate to see him undergo that exam, we anticipated the results. Braelyn's hemorrhage in his right eye (the "good" eye) is very slowly starting to desolve, and even better it had shifted itself to the right!! By shifting it allowed Braelyn to be able to see. You have know idea what it feels like to slowly bring yourself face to face with Braelyn and have him break out in this HUGE smile!!! AWWWWWW IT'S AWESOME!!!! HE CAN SEEEEEEE!!!!!! I wish I could say that there was never ANY doubt, but I'd be was scarey and totally heartbreaking!!! The doctor said that it is going to take some time for the blood to disolve itself, but he feels we are heading in the right direction and he said these were the results HE hoped for!!!! His left eye still has the scar tissue and it HAS shifted the retina but it has not detached it..There is not much the doctor can do for that eye because removing the scar tissue could only potentially make it worse. He CAN see through the left eye but it will be a little distorted and a little weak!! Glasses when he is older will help that!! We'll take it!! I'm just soo happy to see his smile and even more happy that HE CAN SEE OURS looking back at him!!

On another note, it appears that SOMETHING has broke Braelyn out with a rash on his head, legs, arms and a little on his back and belly...We are not sure what is causing this...We are using the same baby wash he used at the hospital and used the first month he was home...We wash his stuff all by itself in Dreft, which is what we used for all his clothes in the hospital...He is on the same formula...soooo were not really sure. Our pediatrician gave us some hydracortisone 1% to put on it, but we can't use it on his arms or face, because it is a steroid and should not come in contact with his eyes!! AND OF COURSE WE DON'T WANT TO RISK ANYTHING when it comes to his eyes!! Needless to say it doesn't seem to be helping..He goes back to Little Rock again Friday to the high risk clinic and gets to see all the doctors who played a HUGE role in saving his life...we can't wait to show him off, but we also hope they might be able to help us clear this up...It doesn't seem to bother him, except every now and then we catch him scratching his's sorta cute, but I wish he didn't feel the urge to do it!!

He is still as happy as ever and I'll tell ya, we can't help but wake every morning and thank GOD for this little boy!! I don't care how tired you feel, how overwhelmed by life you get, when you see him smile EVERYTHINGS just feels right!!

Well enjoy the new pics and we will be back later!! HUGS...Granny Lorrie

Braelyn will look so handsome in glasses when he gets older. I think kids in glasses is the cutest thing. Glad things got better with his eyes.
We go back in 2 weeks for our first NICU clinic (I guess they do it based on due date, every 6 months) and can't wait. What do you take these people who saved your baby's life?! A pack of Starbucks coffee just seems so dumb, but that is what they always said they wanted when I asked...
You guys are doing great managing all the doctors. It is SO stressful running all over. Keep up the good work!