Another Visit to the Doctors - Good News

Well Braelyn got to go back to see the Doctors who had cared for him while he was in the NICU...They were completely impressed with Braelyn's progress..Braelyn was not impressed with the two hour ride back to Little Rock after having to go there and come back Wednesday...Braelyn let his Momma know loud and clear that the appointments need to be spread out and he needed a little recovery time in between.

Half way through the trip, Christy was forced to pull off the interstate, into a gas station parking lot and GET HIM OUT OF THE CAR SEAT!! No amount of toys, lights, or patting was going to do. She got him out of his carseat and laid him down on the open seat and decided to change his diaper and feed him right there in the car. (one of the few times the G-tube was a good thing). She took his diaper off and before she could get the other one on, he pee'd all over he back seat....Mind you this is a brand new car!! Christy said she would mark this down on the calendar and when he got a little older she would give him a whooping...yeah right!!!! She couldn't help but smile at him because once he got his point across, and she got him fed...His smile came back as if to say "Okay I've made my point on not liking 2 hour car rides" and they continued on their trip!!

The doctors have given us some really good news and some not soo good news.

GOOD NEWS - They think Braelyn is ready to start being weaned from his oxygen. They sent him for an EKG and we should know Monday whether his heart is strong enough to start the weaning process. We are going to go down from 1/4 to 1/8 of a liter and they also want us to take the cannula's off for a little while each day!! It will be so great when we can leave the tubes and tanks, and that hug heavy machine at home. It will make taking Braelyn out a whole lot easier!! We can't wait to see him without any stickers and tubes on his sweet face..It will also be great to be able to hold him and walk around the house without worrying about getting tangled or tripping over the hoses and cords!! They also did some blood work and Braelyn handled being stuck like a true champ..He only cried a little bit..He such a tough little boy. I got a kick out of the little care-bear bandaid they put on him!! They were impressed with his weight (9lbs 6oz). They also think that he is ready to start on some rice cereal and maybe even some baby food..We'll go slow of-course..The spoon feeding will help alot as far as "packin on the pounds"..We will still keep the G-tube for a while since we are not sure that he'll ever want to take a bottle. It's soo funny this little boy sucks the whole time he is sleeping, like he has an imaginary pacifier in his mouth, but the minute he wakes up..That's it, he won't suck a bottle for anything, but would rather just chew on the nipple. Silly little!! The doctors there have also decided that they want to follow him for at least the next TWO years..I'm happy with that because we trust them so much..However we are not impressed with that 2 hours drive. I'm sure some people think that we should transfer his care to Memphis since it's only 20 minutes away, but we just can't. Memphis was where the doctors gave up on him and thought it was better for him to die, it would make "extracation" a lot easier. They gave him 0% chance to survive inside or out of the womb!! I'm not saying their not good doctors and I'm sure there are some really good doctors there, it's just that we know that our story would have a completely different ending if we had listened to them!! We'll deal with the 2 hour drive and go back to where we think Braelyn will be best taken care of!!

Now for the Not SO GOOD NEWS: The rash that Braelyn has appears to be a virus and is also the reason for his spitting up and his chang in bowel habit!! Being that they think it's a virus, there is nothing they can do for it!! IT just needs to run it's course. Soo that's not that bad at all, I hate that he has to go through it, but I'm almost glad he doesn't have to take anymore medicines. Rash or no rash, he's still beautiful!!! He wasn't able to get his shots because of the virus, they didn't want to give them to him and then have him run a fever and not know if it was the virus or the shots that made him have a fever!! So in a couple of weeks we'll have to get those.

Papa and I were sooo happy to have him back at home!! We missed him soo much, and I know what your thinking, it was only for 1 day and night..but hey it felt a whole lot longer...We miss that litlle man when he's not here!! Life just doesn't seem as sweet when we don't get to see that big ole grin of his.

Well I guess that's it for his update. I want to take a moment to share a few thought with, well I'm not sure who I''ll be sharing them with, but I just feel like putting a few things down in print.

This site has been so helpful to us, it has allowed us to find others who are going through this same journey. Others have sites that WE find ourselves drawn to (Baby Sarah we are with you and think and pray for you often, Eden, Holland, Aiden, Logan, you and your families have all become part of our daily thoughts). There are families out there, that although we have never met and probably never will, we feel connected to them. We know how they feel and find comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this journey and there are those that sympathize in the trials and tribulations of of having a mirco preemie!! The ups, and downs, the joy, the heartache, the stress, the anxiety, the exhaustion, the overwhelming pot of emotions that you go through with each turn of events no matter how great or small or challenging they seem. I pray our site gives others hope, as they face their challenges and accomplishments. I'm not sure what we ever did to deserve such a gift or blessing. I only know that Braelyn is a gift and no matter what happened or whatever will happen, it WAS and IS meant to be and no matter how many tears were shed to get to this very moment, I wouldn't trade them for nothing. got to have Faith!! These babies fight so hard to survive, it would just plain be cruel to give up or give in!! It's hard, real hard, but as I have said so many times, when your little one grabs hold of your finger and holds on, or looks up at you and shines that beautiful smile of recognition, you can't to anything but hold on too!! My faith is in God, I know his power, I know his strength, and I know his grace, we can, you can, get through this..You got to!!

Well I guess that's it...HUGS-HOPE- and most of all FAITH!!

With a ton of love...........Braelyn's incredibly blessed Granny!!

thanks for the shout out...

Thanks for the update, I have SO little time lately, but during the chaos I try to jump on my adorable lil nephews page and see if anything new is there!

I am SO happy we made this site. Its been an inspiration, and a place of hope and my place to go when I need a bright spot to cheer me up!!

Talk to you soon !!!

G-Auntie T