Never A Dull Moment

Well soo many things have happened since our last post. Last week we had an unexpected trip to Children's Hospital ER. Braelyn had been having trouble spitting up and he of course still has this rash. Christy and I thought that maybe we needed to go up on his reflux medicines since the dose was set when he weighed less. Christy called and let them know that he had been spitting up quite a bit, actually after almost every meal he was having some projectile vomiting. They wanted us to bring him to the Hospital. (ANOTHER 2 hour drive) We thought this was over doing it a little, but they told us they were afraid of something called Pyloric Stenosis. Appartenly this was extremely serious and Braelyn would need immediate surgery to correct if this was the problem. We thought this couldn't be the problem since other than throwing up he was still very much a happy baby and acting fine. However with all the throwing up he wasn't gaining the kind of weight we would hope for each week. They told us that this was something that would make him one minute fine and the next very very sick. SOOOO we packed him up in the car and headed to Little Rock. Although we spent quite a bit of time waiting and poor Braelyn had to be poked and prodded and another IV had to be started, it was pretty cool. There we alot of Doctors there that recognized his named and stopped in to say hi and were amazed at how well he was doing. Needless to say after the waiting and the long ride. Braelyn didn't have pyloric stenosis and he was diagnosed with "vomiting and dry skin" Yep folks we could have told them that. I guess better safe than sorry. We still didn't have and answer for the spit up. Personally I think his formula needs to be changed, but they dod not want to switch him from the one we are on right now. He is on Enfa-Care Lipil for premature and low birth weight babies. He was on this at the hospital but he was on the concentrate or the ready to feed and we have him on the powder. We can't buy this kind in any of OUR grocery stores ahave to have our local health department order it and they only give us powder. Well the doctors answer was to add a teaspoon of "thick it" to the formula through the tube. Thick it is a kind of powder that thickens the formula and they thought this would help it stick to his tomach and to go up on his medicine. Well it's been a week and he is still spitting up here and there. Not as much as he was before so I think the thick it is helping, but I think it is only masking the real problem and that is his we might need to change the formula.

The other problem is his button would open up with all the wiggling he is doing and he would loose what is in his belly, leaving him hungry and wet. Braelyn only gained 2 ounces in two weeks when before this he was averaging 5 to 7 ounces a week. Well now we are using a little piece of tape to keep it closed and it seems to be working without irritating his skin. We are going to wait until the next weigh in this week coming and then they are going to have to give a switch of formula a try..

Braelyn went back today for his followup eye exam and things are really looking good. All the blood in his right eye (good eye) has shifted itself to the bottom of his eye and that is exactly what the doctor was hoping for. We sort of knew things were clearing up because you can tell he is watching EVERYTHING!! His left eye (the scar tissue attached to the retina one) has not changed and no change is as good as we can hope for in that eye.

As you can tell in some of the pics he are taking him outside a little more, yea the cool shades shots!! He is playing with his toys so much more and staying awake a WHOLE LOT LONGER!!

Well I could probably sit here and talk about him all night long, but he is waking up and believe me he WILL let me know to come get him..

Until next HUGS......Granny

braelyn, you're getting bigger and more handsome every time i see your pictures!! Lorrie, I know it's a grandma's job to fret over her grandbaby, but i gotta tell you he has grown soooo much since i actually last saw him. I know how strong and determined Braelyn is, and how strong and determined his family is. I think y'all will do fine. I'm really happy to hear his retina is clearing up, and for goodness sake, moisturize, moisturize moisturize!!! love bob.