So Much Time..So Much Happening!!

Well it seems like forever since I was able to sit down and let everyone know how Braelyn is doing...Well things are going absolutely GREAT!!!

I forgot to go back and see what he weighed in the last post, but he has gained quite a bit I'm sure. Braelyn weighed in Tuesday at
11 POUNDS 3 1/2 OUNCES!!!!! Can you say BIG BOY!!!.

We switched the formula to Nutramigen (the stinky stuff) but we can live with the smell cause he is spitting up so much less than he was!! We have the occasional spit-ups, but they are just that, "spit-ups", not the projectile, thru the nose, throw-ups he was doing!! He is also very much enjoying his fruits and veggies!! He absolutely LOVES pears, and has enjoyed squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas and peaches. He wasn't to sure about the green beans but did pretty good with them but they are far from being his "favorite"! Although he is doing really good with his spoon feeds, he is NO CLOSER to taking a bottle, I just don't think he ever will. He likes to chew on the nipples, but sucking on it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's okay though we are up to a 100 ccs every 3 hours. It took along time to get past that 85 cc mark, every time we tried to go up, he started the puking and we had to go back down. The change in formula has been really good for him. I don't think we'll ever get used to the smell though, it's awful.

Braelyn's communication skills are really improving. He CLEARLY has an attitude now. He is so much more vocal and sooo serious when we have our takes. There is more range to the sounds he makes. He can smack his lips, to do kisses!! Not sure if it's because he's teething or if he really is giving kisses. We're gonna stick with the kisses thing though cause it's soo cute when he does it. He is also so much more observant too. He watches everything. He loves the noggen channel. Teletubbies, Barnie and Sesame Street seem to be the clear winners in his "attention getting" shows. For some "unknown" reason he is just a weee bit and his favorite thing to do is to have someone in his face giving him their completer and undivided attention!!

He has learned to play peek a boo with his mommy. It's really cute. She lays on the floor and puts him way down on her belly and makes him push himself up her belly and chest until he has his face in the crick of her neck. She will say "where's my baby at, Braelyn, where's mommies baby" and he picks his head up with this HUGE grin and she tickles him and says "There he is"..He then buries his face again until she asks again where he's at. It really is cute!! He loves it and truly loves his Momma!!

PT is going really good, although I still think we do alot of it, but they have given us tricks to help him learn different things. On Monday he sat by himself UNASSISTED for 6 whole seconds. (He sits on his bottom with legs out-stretched and uses his hands on the floor by his needs to hold himself up. Well on Wednesday he sat for a whole 45 seconds before tipping over!!! YEAH BRAELYN!!!! He's such a ham. He is doing good with the belly to back roll but not as good with the back to belly roll, but there is no doubt in our minds that he is gonna get it. It'll be when he wants to, not when when he's being made to!! Speech and OT are going okay, except that vacations have kept them from being here as much as we would like....

I think the greatest thing he does now is Giggle and giggle and giggle...I love his little laugh and we don't have to work as hard anymore to get him to laugh...He loves to giggle and we love to make him laugh!!

His eyes are doing really good. The right eye has all but completely healed itself and the left eye, although still has the scar tissue and is weaker, is doing really good to. This month's eye visit was really good with the doctor telling us his eyes are the BEST they have ever been!!

Braelyn is such a little soldier (and has the marine hair style to prove is doing really really good...It's just sooo amazing how far he has come!!

Well hope you enjoyed the update and again I will try to do better!! Hey as I stated before, Braelyn's favorite past time is having someone "in his face" so ejoying a moment of free time out side of being "infront of his face" is becoming less and less since he stays awake longer and longer. It's amazing how completely energized he can get out of a 10 minute nap!! I wish I had that

Well until next time....HUGS!!! Granny