10 Months OLD!!!

Well Braelyn turned 10 months old on Friday!! Such a Big Boy now. He is doing really great and learning all sorts of new things. It's funny sometimes cause he knows in his head he can do things, it's just a matter of getting his body to cooperate! He is doing really good at eating...(NO BOTTLES, but Oh well) His all time favorite is PEARS!!! He loves them..His feet get to going, his arms start waving, it's sorta hard to feed him cause he moves so much. Anything green is NOT on the favorite list, and although we try, he dry heaves, and we give up!! He likes his squash, carrots, sweet potatoes though, just not as much as the fruits. Feeding him with the tube is getting quite challenging since he knows now that he can roll and loves to twist back and forth!! We wear ourselves out trying to keep him focused on us till we get thru the feed. He can Roll now all the way from his back to his belly. He is not as great rolling from his belly to his back, but it's coming, he almost has it. He can sit independent with his hands supporting him and we are working on our balance to sit with out the hands down. He has mastered peek a boo. It is so funny. When your holding him he puts his head down and you call out "Where's Braelyn, Where's that baby" and up pops his head with this HUGE GRIN and GIGGLE and then he pops it back down in hiding. I love that game!! He also has quite the little personality..a lil spoiled I might add! He loves anything that has to do with someone holding him!! He is sleeping great, most night he sleeps from 11:00pm till 6:00 am!! His Mommy loves that!! Through the day it's SHORT little power naps with one long nap after bathtime!!

He went back to the doctor Friday and again all is going great..Blood in the right eye is almost all gone and there is absolutely NO sign of ROP (retinopathy) There is also no sign of ROP in the left eye, the scar tissue has not relaxed any on his retina, but it still does not appear to be tightening enough to detach...Because of the scar tissue though he has to go back every 3 weeks for that AWFUL exam!! Braelyn has now associated Dr. Bradford as someone who is not nice..and cries when he sees him. One day I guess he'll learn what a great doctor he is, but right now, he's just the guy that straps me down and does bad things to his eyes!!

Last week we went for our Followup checkup in LR and things went really good. We had an EKG done to check his heart and see if we can get rid of the oxygen...Well it came back good and bad. There is still some RVH (right venticular hypertrophy). It's no worse but not really any better. It's not severe, but it's enough to keep the oxygen for a little while longer. We can however take him off of it for 1 to 2 hours a day and he can stay at only the 1/8 of a liter he's been on!! He is just sooooo cute with out that stuff on his face. BUT with everything considered, we can wait.

Well I want to get some photo's posted we took yesterday of our lil soldier, so enjoy his album and we will update again later.

Thanks for checking in on him....We never forget those who prayed for this little boys future!! HUGS......Granny


He is going to be all grown up by the time I get to see him!!! :(
He is just too damn cute!

Love ya's

Great Aunt Tammy :)

He looks fantastic! Congrats on the teeth. Keep up the good work!