Well it only seemed natural to get on here and post a few things on this very very special day. BRAELYN MAKHI TUCKER turns ONE !!!! This same time last year was filled with fear, tears, fading hope, heartache, anger, soo many emotions!! People telling you that there was absolutely no hope for this little boy and crushing our hopes at the future we had planned to provide for him BUT here we are one year later. I cannot express how grateful I am.. My heart almost feels like it wants to explode!!

Braelyn is here and growing (although slowly) and is happy and healthy and changing everyday. We feel so completely blessed to be chosen by God to care for this lil miracle!! Our world revolves around him!!

I'm not going to say that this year was not filled with twists, turns, speed bumps, hills and few mountain chains, but I think all of us have smiled, laughed and had more heartfelt emotion than we have ever had in our lifetime..Braelyn has brought sooo much joy!! His smile completely and utterly takes over your heart!!

When I get home from work in the evening and walk in the door, the overwhelming joy of seeing him look at you with the recognition of someone he loves and watching him get soooooo excited with the anticipation of being picked up is just plain amazing.

To those who told us that he had ZERO percent chance of survival inside or outside of the womb, I'm not mad at you. That was your belief and I truly believe those words were not spoken to cause pain just for the sake of causing it..I believe in my heart that that was what you thought the truth of the situation was. You relied on statistics and science and in looking at that your thoughts you were justified. We however, believed in the power of God and knew in our hearts that the impossible WAS possible and allowed faith in God, and the power of prayer to pull us through. We had amazing doctors and amazing nurses and one amazingly determined lil boy, who wanted to live. He came into this world fighting, giving up and throwing in the towel WAS NEVER AN OPTION!!

SOOO Here we are today....with Braelyn turning one, rolling over, trying to crawl, 3 (and a 1/2) teeth with giggles and smiles and of course, THAT MOHAWK. LIFE IS GOOD, GOD IS GOOD and I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUGS AND AS ALWAYS........HOPE!!! Granny

Happy Birthday Braelyn!!
You have a year of ups and downs. We hope your second year is full of only ups.
Wishing you all the best you little wonderful miracle baby!
Sarah and Erika