First Birthday A Success

Christy had Braelyn a Birthday Party Saturday and personally invited Elmo. Braelyn loves Elmo. We had quite the turnout even though it was very cold, windy and rainy.. Braelyn seemed to really enjoy himself and actually did not mind being passed around. We were afraid he would cry since we are having problems with separation right now. He did exactly what we thought he would do as far as his personal lil elmo cake. He touched it, rubbed it on the highchair but finally got around to tasting it. As soon as he did he threw up, but kept tasting it anyway...yuck!! We are so thankful for all those who showed up to celebrate with us. We felt bad cause Papa had to work, but he showed up just in time to help us clean up.....poor PaPa.

Braelyn made out like a bandit with all the new warm clothes he got. Watch for future fashion show!!! He's going to be quite the GQ man!!

We also hate that none of our New York Family could be with us....We Love them soooo much..G-NANA & G-Auntie Tam, you better be here for Birthday #2!!!!!!!

We're giving a shout out to Lil Ms Sarah who sent us a fun Birthday toy all the way from California.....Braelyn and his Granny and Mommy are happy to have people in their lives that Truly Understand!!! HUGS TO PRINCESS SARAH AND HER MOMMY!!!!!! (okay Daddy too..He did mail the

Braelyn is doing pretty good...He is doing okay eating and seems to be keeping things down. He is now on a Kanagroo pump that feeds him from midnight to 7:00 am. He gagged and puked in the beginning but seems to be handling it and keeping it down now. He is eating pretty good during the day too and doing okay on solids.

He is getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth but we haven't quite taken that first crawl yet. He is sitting by himself better now, but does tend to tilt back so we still sit being him.

Braelyn is SUCH A BLESSING...We are just sooo thankful for this first year.

Well enjoy Braelyn's birthday celebration and we will talk with everyone later...HUGS............