Such A big Boy Now

Well the last time I updated this Braelyn had just started crawling. WOW has times changed. Brealyn is officially walking. He started around mid July and stays up-right now more than he does on the floor. He loves to walk and absolutely LOVES to be chased. He scares us because he is not completely steady on his feet and we have had many near misses!! Braelyn is tough as the day he was born though and is still a very happy, curious baby who loves the outdoors!! He no longer is needing supplemental oxygen, although we still have it in the house "just in case"!! BUT I am confident that it will be completely gone soon!!

Developmentally he is doing great! He started in Jul going full-time to a school specifally designed for children with special needs. This program is designed to help him catch up!! It was a rocky start for this little boy though and he wanted NOTHING to do with these strangers who all of a sudden was filling his life!! It was almost to the point where we pulled him from the school, but in the end Braelyn proved he just needed to be in control. He now, although a few tears when we hand him over, has adjusted wonderfully and is enjoying his new friends!! Braelyn is still very much behind in his speech development, and I would only say this when I compare him to his cousin who is two months younger. Braelyn, to us, does have his own personal language. The one thing you know for sure is when he wants to go outside....HE LOVES BEING OUTSIDE...but hates walking in grass!!

We still are a work in progress when it comes to eating orally. He loves to stick his tongue on everything, but actually eating and swallowing has been a struggle. His primary source of nutrition is formula mized at 3200 cal thru the G-tube. He will put foods in his mouth and chew, and chew, and chew, and chew, BUT then tongue thrusts it out! Swallowing seems to be the biggest obstacle we face. We and the doctors and therapist though have no doubt that this will come. He currently weighs in at 17 pounds and 10 ounces.

well I've added some newer updated pics! Hope everyone enjoys them! Oh yea I almost forgot...Braelyn was choosen as this years Ambassador for the MArch of Dimes. Yep it's that time of the year, so if your approached to give...Please do...Without the support of dimes I might have not been able to be sitting here today telling you what a wonderful blessing Braelyn has been in our lives. We will be walking Oct 3, Front and Center!! HUGS and till next time.....HOPE & HUGS....Granny

PS It seems that we have no more space for pics, so G-Auntie Tam is going to have to open a few windows for us to be able to add more. Check back soon I have some really cute ones to post!! Sorry HUGS!!!

I gotta get back to making a new site...time just isnt on my side lately!!

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