Found this, made it our story , sat back and Imagined.....


Imagine being told you were pregnant and in 9 months would become a mother.

Imagine hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time.

Imagine looking at the monitor and seeing it's heartbeat and watching it wiggle and wave.

Imagine feeling yourself falling in love with this tiny life growing inside you.

Imagine being told that your baby would have a hole in his spine and would never walk.

Imagine having the specialist tell you his spine is 90% okay and you can breathe again.

Imagine laying on the table and being told "there's no fluid and your baby is not growing".

Imagine being told there is 0% chance for your baby inside you or outside of you.

Imagine being told to go home on a Friday to return on Monday and that your baby will die
inside you before you return.

Imagine making it thru the weekend to find that the heartbeat is strong, but the cord is not.

Imagine being told the cord is going to stop working at any moment and your baby will
wither and die.

Imagine seeing the cord stop working and having the doctor say it's better to let him die
inside you and to just come back in 3 days.

Imagine being rushed in an ambulance at 25 weeks pregnant , but knowing your baby
is weeks smaller than that, but how small you know not.

Imagine being told that you are about to have a C-section, but don't expect your baby to
come out crying.

Imagine lying on an operating table feeling so helpless because there is nothing you can
do to help your baby.

Imagine your baby being born less than the length of a ruler and weighing a mere 12

Imagine walking to the table and seeing this little baby and being able to count EVERY rib
and see EVERY vein under his translucent skin.

Imagine being able to see your baby's heartbeat in his chest, because he is soooo small.

Imagine seeing your baby with his eyes and ears still fused shut and not sure if he will ever
see or hear you.

Imagine your baby being 100% dependent on a machine to live.

Imagine your ring fitting on your baby's leg and sliding easily to his thigh.

Imagine being told your baby is a "look at" only baby because talking to him or touching him
could kill him.

Imagine being told that "you might want to baptize your baby because he is not going to make
it much longer and then watching the priest pray over his tiny body.

Imagine getting a call from the doctor at 3:30am because your baby has taken another turn for
the worse.

Imagine looking at your baby , praying to God, that he will live another second, another minute,
another hour, another day.

Imagine not being able to breath every time the phone rings.

Imagine jumping every time you hear a monitor go off and looking to see if his heart is still
beating, if he is still breathing, if his blood pressure has dropped.

Imagine your baby having life or death surgery when he is only 22 days old.

Imagine watching your baby being prepped for surgery, not knowing if you will ever see him
alive again.

Imagine hearing that your baby has a liver twice the size it should be.

Imagine a doctor encouraging you to prepare your self for brain bleeds and telling you they
are uncertain of the quality of life that lays ahead for your son.

Imagine praying to God that the doctors are wrong, praying that you will one day feel your son
wrap his arms around you and call you momma.

Imagine loving your baby so much that their diagnoses means nothing to you.

Imagine crying your self to bed EVERY night only to wake up and shed more tears as you look
down at his tiny face.

Imagine having a baby but going home without one.

Imagine what it feels like not knowing if your baby's next breath will be his last.

Imagine going to the mall, too afraid to buy baby clothes, because your not sure that your baby
will live to wear them.

Imagine pumping every hour because you know breast milk is the best thing for your baby,
but your body is not producing what he needs.

Imagine the feeling of hopelessness when your baby will not eat.

Imagine having to feed your baby through a feeding tube.

Imagine trying to stay sane while all this is taking place.

Imagine walking to his bed and looking down at your baby and watching him open both eyes
for the first time.

Imagine feeling your baby wiggle against you as you hold him to your skin for the first time
2 months after giving birth.

Imagine reaching into his isolate to hold his hand and feeling him tighten his grip around
your finger

Imagine seeing your baby smile as you whisper his name.

Imagine loving this little one soo much that it hurts beyond believe to imagine what life would
be like without him.

Imagine knowing that your baby is going to prove everyone wrong.

Imagine that miracles CAN happen and prayers CAN be answered..................

Imagine knowing your baby IS going to LIVE!!!!

Can you Imagine.......................CHRISTY CAN.....................PRAISE GOD FOR OUR MIRACLE!!!!!

Because you lived it...and now you will enjoy being part of this little baby's life, part of this miracle!
He is a blessing, and God knew what he was doing when he gave him to Christy :)

Love you~~